2017 Staff:
James Hart Beach & Pool Director
Christena O'Dwyer Assistant Beach & Pool Director
James Voyages Aquatics Director, Head Swim Coach, Swim Lessons
Mackenzie Coughlin Assistant Swim Coach, Swim Lessons
Connor White Head Diving Coach, Assistant Swim Coach, Assistant Beach & Pool Director
Olivia Hallisey Assistant Swim Coach, Swim Lessons
Erik McKenna Assistant Swim  Coach & Swim Lessons
Robby Waters Co- Water Polo Coach
Tegan D'Agostino Co- Water Polo Coach
Colin Baker Lifeguard
Taylor Davis Lifeguard
Alex Dehmel Lifeguard
Jay Dickson Lifeguard
Andrew Goldstein Lifeguard
Shelby Grant Lifeguard
Charlie Keating Lifeguard
Rebecca Maroney Lifeguard
Joseph McPartland Lifeguard
Ryan Morales Lifeguard
Alexander Morrissey Lifeguard
Matthew Plank Lifeguard
Eric Ryan Lifeguard
Laura Schwartzmann Lifeguard
Phoebe Slaughter Lifeguard

Pool: Open under lifeguard supervision daily, weather permitting, from 10:00AM to 8:00PM, beginning May 27.  The pool will close Monday, September 4.
Beach: The beach is under lifeguard supervision daily from 12:00 Noon to 8:00PM, beginning May 27. Lifeguard supervision of the beach will end September 5.

Swim Team

The Tokeneke Swim Team is available to every child in the Club age 17 and under. It includes competitive swimming training and competitive meets with other Club in Fairfield County. Swim practice is a must for all swim team members.

Swimming and Diving Lessons

Individual and group lessons in swimming and diving are available. Please contact the Aquatics Director regarding fees and times. Swim lessons are also provided for the Beach Camp participants as part of the program.

Water Polo

Water Polo will be available for beginning and advanced players, teams and groups to be based on age and experience. Practices begin mid-June. Teams will play a schedule of matches against local Clubs, with a playoff tournament at the end of the season. Sign-up, practice and game schedules and general information will be posted on the Pool Office bulletin boards after Club opening in May each year.

Pool Use

Swimming Regulations:
All children under the age of 8 and all non-swimmers must be supervised on the pool deck at all times by an adult or a qualified caregiver designated by the parent. In addition all non-swimmers over the age of 8 as defined below.

A non-swimmer is any child who has not successfully completed the swim test as designated by the Beach & Pool Director or Head Swim Coach. The parameters of the pool test will be posted in the pool office.

Pool Rules:

All persons must shower before entering the pool.

Inflatable objects of any kind are not allowed in the pool including swimmies.

Children using diapers are required to wear swim diapers if using the pool.

Beverages in glass containers and food are not permitted on the pool deck at any time.

“Adult Swim Time” in the pool Monday through Friday is as follows: 11:45, 1:45, 3:45, 5:40 & 6:40 - until the hours. Weekends and Holiday Adult Swim is the last 20 minutes of every hour. During this time, the pool is reserved for use of persons eighteen years of age and older.

During swim team practice, one or two lanes are reserved for general swimming.

The entire pool is closed for general swimming during home swim meets and water polo matches.

Club Members and their guests must wear proper bathing attire when using the pool.

Special Hours:

Children under ten years of age who are not accompanied by a parent must leave the pool are at 6:00PM.

Use of the pool after 8:00PM closing is prohibited.

Sound Swimming, Jetty, and Float Use
Children 8 & Under and Non –Swimmers:
Are not allowed on the ramp, jetty, swim float or in the water at the end of the pier under any circumstances.
May enter the water from the beach only when accompanied by an adult.
Are not allowed beyond the closest raft under any circumstances.

Are allowed to use inflatable “swimmies” in the sound when accompanied by an adult and abiding by the above regulations.

Children must be strong swimmers to use the Sound floats at high water periods.

Swimming east of the jetty is prohibited. This is a boat area only.

Running on the jetty boardwalk is prohibited.

Sitting on the jetty deck or ramp rails is prohibited.

The jetty and jetty boardwalk close at dusk daily or at any time when use of the jetty could be a safety hazard (storm, repairs, etc.).


Reservations (see House Committee Rules for beach parties).

Individuals and parties using the tables and grills are expected to clean up the area before leaving. Trash should be placed in the receptacles, not burned in the grills. The grills will be cleaned each morning by the beach staff.

The beach area immediately in front of the breezeway and cabanas shall not be used as a children’s play area.

Radios, cell phones and all other electronics are prohibited. See the General Rules section of the Tokeneke Club Handbook for current regulations.